Firstly, the usual stuff: I was born in New Zealand and am currently residing in Sydney, Australia. My best buddy is my dog, Anushka (I promised her I’d say that. Yeah I’m a pushover).

I am a reader of books, a writer of novels and have grandiose dreams of being a real artist (I’ve bought the paints!) and playing the piano (I can now read sheet music!) one day.

I find character development and motivations fascinating, and I hope to reflect that in my writing. I love mystery. I love romance. Most if not all of my present and future work will probably feature those two things heavily. In other aspects, I wanna go wild! Historical? Yeah! Paranormal? Bring it! Unlikely but entertaining Space Opera? I WILL DO IT.

Also, as I said, I love romance. I’m not fussed about gender and that will be reflected in my work. You have a preference? I’ll try to be clear about what you can expect within each novel.

I hope you enjoy my work!


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