So I bought a tin of Faber-Castell “finest artists’ quality” polychromos colour pencils, 36 pack, (at great expense) because they were supposed to be such fine-quality colour pencils, great for blending, such a rich, deep colour, etc.

My feelings on trying them out can be summed up thusly:


They’re not BAD. But they were very limited for skin tones (especially caucasian – nothing there!) and somehow the right shade of whatever I was looking for was never the shades on offer. I wound up buying the regular pencils, a 48-pack, for about a quarter of the price, with more colours I wanted, and honestly? Can’t really tell the difference. The polychromos might be a little more vibrant (perhaps too vibrant – I’m usually using more subtle shades), but for an amateur like me, the regular pencils are fine. More serious and experienced artists – enlighten me?